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Starry Night Bandana

Starry Night Bandana

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Crafted from luxurious silk, this scarf envelops you in a cloud of pure indulgence. Its lightweight nature ensures comfort, while the silk's natural sheen lends an air of luxury to your every look. It’s dyed naturally, making it kind on sensitive skin, and is sustainable and colourfast.

The small size of this scarf opens up a world of styling possibilities. Wrap it around your neck as a graceful accessory, tie it onto your handbag for a pop of nature-inspired charm, or wear it as a headband for a trendy and chic look. This versatile scarf is perfect for both casual and formal occasions.
Elevate your everyday outfit with  small silk scarf. Let this scarf become your signature accessory, adding a touch of botanical sophistication and timeless beauty to your wardrobe. No matter if you’re looking for something to add a bit character to your everyday look or as a little luxury gift for your loved ones, this beautifully silk scarf will do the job ideally.

* Classic Bandana/Neckerchief Size: 53x53cm (21 inches)

*Style your hair with a scarf

• Hand Washable and Reusable

• Lightweight and Breathable

*Wear as Headscarf, Facemask, Hairband, wristband and more options.

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