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The sea Earrings

The sea Earrings

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Material: metal

Set includes 7 earrings

Standard Rules of Thumb:

1- Don't wear jewellery & accessories in water
2- remove before going to sleep
3- Don't leave in extreme hot or cold temperatures
4- store in an air tight container or jewellery bag since air can oxidize jewellery

Perfumes & lotions may wear down the plating on your jewellery. Please apply these products before putting on your pieces.

If your jewellery requires cleaning, we recommend using a polish cloth or soft cotton cloth on any metal part to reduce tarnish. Please keep in mind that everyone's personal skin PH levels and how often the jewellery is worn may determine how quickly it may tarnish for some people. Jewellery is coated with multiple layers of gold or rose gold plating and will last a long time if cared for.

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